Friday, August 7, 2009


Psst...hey, remember me?
I'm the used-to-be blogger who started this site with the idea that I'd be able to make my random thoughts and adventures available to anyone who cared to read them.
After going on hiatus for about three months, I'm back.
And I'm writing.
Here's a little taste of what I've been up to....

Graduated from college.
Had a birthday.
Got a job at a broadcast station in Salt Lake.
Ran a crazy relay race from Logan to Park City.
Got myself a husband.
Moved into a basement apartment.
Got some awesome presents.
Cooked my first pot roast...all by myself.
Started getting into cycling.

Yes, pot roast is a big deal for me. It's my first culinary triumph as a housewife. Don't judge me.
Anyway, I've been reading my good friend's blog and realized that I haven't been doing nearly as much writing as I should be.
I'll try once again to get back into this. I just felt like I had to make this post so I have some excuse for my long absence.


Matt Nielsen said...

Yay! You're back! Keep writing!

deanna said...

cycling? awesome. oh and congrats on the other stuff too!

Doug said...

Upon seeing that your last post about resolving to do better was some two months ago, I note the following:

Like many others with good intentions, I fear that you have succumbed to an entrenched habit of not updating . . . just as I have.

I hereby resolve to do better. How about you, Kellie?

Jessi said...

Kellie, you can't tantalize us like that! We were all so thrilled to hear that you intended to become an active member of the blogosphere once more...and now all our hopes for insightful "stuff of thought" have been dashed.